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Let’s start by saying that this EP will be listened end to end and you won’t even notice it. It’s just BRILLIANT! These four songs, lasting almost 18 minutes in total, offers you a great example of the best Hard-Rock, and for me are just like a rare jewel recovered from the mid 80’s in Los Angeles. Here everything is just perfect!. The heart of every lover of 80s rock music will beat faster when listening to Jorge’s powerful voice and guitar virtuosism. (…) OMG!!, I was missing a band that were not trying to play the Metal-Rock of the 80’s in an aggressive and super fast way but letting itself be carried away by the “Pop-appeal” of the time and also with a great technique and perfect sound, and here it is: Tequila Sunrise!

Totgehört (Germany) about Nasty Habits

With a production perfectly adapted to the style, adopting the manners of those of the time, Nasty Habits represents a sacred card of visit for a group which does not hesitate to moderate the Hard & Heavy intoxication with a sober touch of syrup FM / AOR, without falling into a sugar excess.

Metal and Oddities Reviews (France) about Nasty Habits

Tequila Sunrise have a sound not too dissimilar to some of the great sleaze rock bands of the late eighties/early nineties such as Skid Row, Faster Pussycat and Ratt. Huge guitar riffing, pounding drums and strong vocals (…) Overall, hard hitting, in your face hard rock that is infectious and fresh. Four songs that breathe new life into the hard rock genre with the promise of so much more.

Frenzy Fire (UK) about Nasty Habits

TEQUILA SUNRISE is a band of American Hard Rock eighties that overachieves its objective to sound as bands like KING KOBRA, DOKKEN or MR. BIG without falling into easy plagiarism or an overly repetitive cliché.

Although it has only four tracks, “Nasty Habits” offers a magnificent representation of the group’s sound and directives, and they manage to vary without a single step away from their line. (…) The sound also plays an important role, very clean with everything in place and with the right protagonism for each instrument, and the musicians also play a great role. (…) We will be looking forward to the evolution of TEQUILA SUNRISE as this “Nasty Habits” is a very well finished debut, which is noteworthy and is a hopeful start for the band.

Rafa Basa (Spain) about Nasty Habits

(…) Harmonies, Hard Rock, technicality and good vibes for a debut album like “Danger Zone”, that kind of record that put me in a good mood and if this’s just the beginning, I’d just imagine the next works from Tequila Sunrise. They’re already added into my personal list of the best new rock bands.
If you grow up with the eighty hard rock style, you’ll fall in love with this album as are clear the band’s influences like Van Halen, Winger and Mr.Big as well.

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My Global Mind (USA) about Danger Zone